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Mantra: manifestations of supreme enlightenment in the form of sounds
               Mantra: is indestructible
                             Mantra: resonates with the truth of you
                                           Mantra: wakes you up

Jetsunma has been working with a group of young musicians to produce music that will reach beings in all walks of life, and to help practitioners deepen in their practice. She skillfully weaves mantra into blues.hip hop beats, sci-trance, world drum beats, and other genres of music too numerous to name.

Ellinwood Ranch Blues, by Jetsunma and Blinded By View

Ellinwood Ranch Blues cover - webBlinded By View has just released Jetsunma’s third album.which happens to be a blues album.

Each of its 12 songs is a variation on the blues, touching on Jetsunma’s life experiences and featuring Jetsunma’s gift for crafting meaningful lyrics.

Owing largely to the pristine environment from which it was born, “Ellinwood Ranch Blues” is a tribute to the rare beauty of Dakini Valley, its special healing capacity, and the inspiration one can draw from it.

Order now and enjoy the multiple talents featured on this unique CD!   ($15.00):

Delog-cover-web         Delog, by Jetsunma and Blinded By View

The CD release, Delog, is available. Order the Delog album and more about Blinded By View.




Rev-Compassion-cover             Revolution of Compassion, by Jetsunma

Order the music CD, Revolution Of Compassion,
or MP3s of the songs on the album.




In a recent teaching, Jetsunma talks more about her music and how it's helping to bring Dharma to the west.  It's titled "Dharma Outside the Box" and you can order it here.

 Free Ringtones of Jetsunma’s music

Amitabha Loop-CD03The Prayer to Be Reborn in Dewachen  

Mantra by Jetsunma FREE for everyone!

This melody to a traditional prayer is a gift to you. Share it far and wide.  It is a lullaby of compassion for those passing from this life.  Listen to it by double-clicking the Pause button to un-pause the player here:

More information here.

Help Bring More Mantra music into the World!

Find out how you can join the music project!

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Also see Jetsunma’s “Invocation to the Guru”


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