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Our free downloads include teachings by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, the first western woman to be recognized in the Tibetan tradition as a tulku, or reincarnate lama.  Her teachings transcend the boundaries of religion and touch our very nature, bringing awareness into our daily lives.  She offers us the tools and insights needed to bring compassion to every aspect of our busy and worldly lives. To get a feel for Jetsunma's style of teaching and see how her wisdom can work in your life to deepen you spiritually, please feel free to view (or print) the following teachings. We hope you find them useful in your life! 

Also included on this page are Prayers to Guru Rinpoche, Long Life Prayers for Teachers, Other Prayers and Practices, Additional Long Life Practices, and Pacifying Natural Disasters.

Note: the text files below are in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). If you don’t already have the Acrobat (PDF) reader to view or print these files, you can download it for free by clicking on the button to the right >. 


Prayers to Guru Rinpoche


Long Life Prayers for Teachers


Other Prayers and Practices


Recommended Practices to Remove Obstacles

Recently, both Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche and Jetsunma experienced health obstacles. To counter this and encourage their long life, we received instruction from two sources:

1. The Dudjom Rinpoche Sangyum recommended for Gyatrul Rinpoche many accumulations of Vajrasattva, accompanied by a short practice of Sengdongma. The Vajrasattva mantra can be accumulated in whatever practice you have available; at KPC we do the Nam Chö Ngöndro; at Rinpoche's centers they primarily practice the Dudjom Tersar. So, Jetsunma asked that we have the option of using the short Dudjom Vajrasattva if we choose to do so. She also asked that we do the same prayers dedicated to both her and Rinpoche.  This Vajrasattva can be done with any Vajrasattva empowerment. The Sengdongma can be done with any Dakini empowerment, such as the 3 Roots or Chime Sog Thig.  The Sengdongma practice would be inserted before the dissolution of Vajrasattva (in whichever Vajrasattva practice you use).

2. Ven. Yangthang Tulku was asked by Lama Lobsang to do a "MO" (divination) on behalf of Jetsunma and he requested that we accumulate 100,000 (total for everyone) of the Longlife Mantra. Khenpo Sonam graciously provided us with the mantra as well as his translation of the entire Sutra.  There are no empowerment prerequisites for doing this mantra. Note that we are only accumulating the mantra; we have included the entire Sutra if you are interested.

3. Again in May 2010, Ven. Yangthang Tulku was consulted to do another “MO” to beg Jetsunma to remain and remove obstacles to KPC so we can accomplish our mission. The resulting prayers and mantras, and how many of each, are in the following files. It’s just like last time – the accumulations are the total of all Sangha – so please email your totals to add to the cumulative totals if you haven’t written them in the book in the prayer room.

Please note that you must have the “lung” or wind transmission of the Tsimar practice to recite it.  If you don’t have the lung for Tsimar, please use this file:

If you do have the lung for Tsimar, use either of these two files:

4. Lama Lobsang recommended that the White Umbrella (DukKar) practice and Prajnaparamita are the most effective practices to ward off negativity and provide protection.
Both can be done without empowerment, as they are not generated, but visualized in front of you.

May the virtue of these practices help insure the long lives of our teachers now and in the future. Please email your accumulations to Thanks!


Pacifying Natural Disasters

Recent events in Japan have resulted in Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, along with other Lamas, requesting abundant prayers around the clock to pacify the elements and bring comfort to the people affected by the earthquakes, tsunami, and blizzards.

From a series of tweets by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo:

“I really want to watch this uberemergency in Japan. I have to know, and truly feel we should pay attention! It is our planet, our Mother. We must hold her in our collective arms and hearts so she can heal. This is possible only if we all work together. Our Earth – her winds are our breath, her water our blood, her ground our skin, her mountains and rocks our bones – she is heart of our hearts, flesh of our flesh, the Mother, our protectoress, now she cries out for help and we must not let her come to harm. We are inseparable from her, she from us.

Human kind must learn this lesson at last- you simply cannot shit where you eat. Hear her call! Wake up! There is so little time.”

Prayers recommended for Japan and the Earth:

In addition we received a link from Khenpo Norgay, to the practice advice from Lama Tharchin Rinpoche in California. In addition to the Tara and Amitabha practices he included the two prayers below (each available in two printable sizes):

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