Prayer To Be Reborn In Dewachen
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Amitabha Loop-CD03The Prayer to Be Reborn in Dewachen”

Mantra by Jetsunma FREE for everyone!

This melody to a traditional prayer is a gift to you. Share it far and wide.

This prayer is the beginning of a CD of songs and prayers for the dying, both human and animal. It is a lullaby of compassion, soothing for the mind. It carries a special blessing for those passing from this life.

The prayer comes from the Longchen Nyingtik P’howa practice, used for oneself and for others at the time of death. It is the lovely “Prayer to Amitabha” that is repeated during the practice.

Play the Mantra Song: The_Prayer_to_Be_Reborn_in_Dewachen.MP3

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Download the text for this Mantra: Prayer_To_Amitabha.PDF

Download Jetsunma’s teaching (6/17/07) on the origin and meaning of the prayer and tune, as well as the many ways it can be used in our lives:
JNT-029_Amitabha Practice.MP3

Here is a sample video clip from the teaching
“Amitabha Practice” (JNT-029 above):


We also offer a copy of this Mantra on a CD - it is free except for the cost of shipping & handling.

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